Happy with device detection! 13 devices in 20 days


Just a bit of positive news here. I’m pretty happy so far 20 days in. Yes my “other” is 49% of my usage, and it hasn’t found my basement fridge or electric cars, or some other bigger items like septic pump, but overall I can’t complain. It gives me hope things will continue to improve.
So far sense found:
Heat Pump
Condensate pump
Kitchen Fridge
Mini beverage fridge
Stove top burners
Toaster oven
Water heater
Well pump
And I have one odd unknown motor that runs for 1 hr multiple times per day and only 10 watts. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

A few times it confused things like dryer and stove, but I was watching closely and quick to report “device not running”.

I’m actually surprised by my success since this house has a bunch of multi-wire branch circuits where a double pole breaker is feeding 2 different 120v branches sharing the neutral. I wasn’t sure if that complicates things.

Thanks to the Sense team for the efforts making continuous improvements!


This is looking pretty good. I’m definitely looking forward to where you’re at in another month or so!