Device detection

It’s been over a year and Sense never found two 4000 watt ovens. A hot water heating kennel, central AC air handler, multiple ceiling fans, all lights. It falsely detects a bathroom radiant heat floor with who only knows what. it does detect more then it doesn’t.

I did a full reset about 6 weeks ago after letting my Sense go for about 6 months. At that time it had identified 28 devices, many of them correctly, but a few were quite wonky and unstable, seemingly triggered unpredictably by multiple real devices. Now, 6 weeks after the reset, I’m only “seeing” 15 devices, really only 14 since 1 of them is a merged device, plus have my EV detection in learning mode. But every device detection is now virtually 100% accurate, including big ones like the two AC units… Once Sense learns my EVs, I’ll be quite happy.

At 6 1/2 weeks after reset and Sense has found both AC units in my house plus just added top oven heating element (1700W of perhaps 3500W total) last night. Still not the whole oven since the grey “Other” bubble grows and stinks with some cycling of the oven, but progress nonetheless. Plus the lower oven, which is almost never used, hasn’t shown yet.

I wonder if different appliances, different styles of household wiring, or different activity levels in house can make for such differences in detection ??