Will Sense every properly detect my dryer or other appliances?


My Sense had been online for around 7 months with very little success. I recently got a new fridge and Sense was confusing it with the new one. Due to that issue and being told my support previously to delete devices in hopes they would identify properly I reset my Sense today.

I’m hoping I can better results after the reset.

Oven - Zero detection. I asked support about that and was told that Sense will never detect my oven since they don’t have a signature for it. That didn’t make sense to me since it’s a learning device

Microwave - Zero detection

Dryer - Partial. I had two dryer detection and neither of them were consistent. Sense would pick up one element at a time but not both. I asked support and was told to delete the first dryer detection and it would correct itself. Never did.

Washing Machine - Partial. Sense would pick up around 25% of the actual usage. I asked support and was told to delete the device since the signature had additional data.

Dish Washer - Partial. Sense would pick up around 20% of the actual usage.

Nespresso - Used 3-4 times a day with the same cycle and that was never detected.

I started the dryer today to watch the trend to see if it would behave any differently and it doesn’t appears so. The trend shows a +2263 but the total usage actually increases by +4500. The same happens with the elements turn off. See attachments for example.

Start to lose hope that Sense will ever detect my high energy devices.

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Sense found my Dryer a while ago. It actually found my original electric dryer and now the replacement gas dryer. I have no hope that it will find my washer.

I hope your Sense reset helps ! I’m living proof that an unaided (without smart-plug) Sense can find:

Microwave - One out of two, both different models.

Dryer - Finds the heating element, but not the tumbler. Also frequently conflates with one of my floor heaters so I see both in the Dryer.

Washing Machine - I have that on an HS110, since it has a DC motor and electronic controls.

Dish Washer - Partial. Not sure which component. Not sure how one would figure out % of total.

Nespresso - Discovered without any aid.

We have two microwaves, an old Amana in the basement and a new Bosch drawer microwave. The Bosch was discovered almost instantly. The Amana still hasn’t, even though we’ve used it a lot in the early days. The hot igniter in our gas dryer was discovered recently, but not the tumbler motor. A spin cycle of our older washer was discovered, but not the other motors moves. I still consider that a win. Some of the heating elements of our double electric oven have been discovered. However, Sense is now confusing the oven, toaster oven, and dishwasher, probably because all three have a similar heating element. Lastly, our old Amana fridge was the first device detected after just a couple days, while our new LG so far has only had the defroster detected.

Obviously your mileage may vary, but many devices can and are auto detected.

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After performing a reset of data 4/23 I had a device detection on 4/25 that said it was likely a dryer. The device detected would show it on if I used my dryer or my oven. It was the first time Sense has identified my oven as a device so I’ll take that as progress. I contacted support to let them know in hopes they could tweak something on their end so I don’t collect junk data. They said they make a tweak so hopefully in a few days things will be properly detected.

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