Bosch Dishwasher (SHX68T56UC)

Make: Bosch
Model: SHX68T55UC
How identified: Sense Identification

Additional Comments: Sense found this, and it correlates with the running of the dishwasher, but I really don’t know which electrician component of the washer Sense is seeing (heating element, motor). But it’s the dishwasher since the washer is running and I see the partial waveform below:


Interesting to compare to @jlj.pers Bosch dishwasher captured via smart plug:

Power Specs: 120V AC, EnergyStar model, Estimated yearly energy usage: 259 KWh

Detailed View: Normal Cycle (2h 9min)


Daily View: Normal Cycle (2h 9min)

Waveform Source. Device Power Meter

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