Can you identify this device?


It’s related to the dishwasher brand Bosh but not sure if it’s the heat or the motor element

AVG consumption:119w
AVG runtime: 3s



With that level of power draw it’s going to be a motor. Heat is typically in the 800w range and much more cyclical.


I have a bosch dishwasher, and while Sense hasn’t detected it, the pattern looks to me like this possibly the drain pump. I notice that it cycles on and off frequently in between various wash cycles.


Generally dishwashers use one motor (possibly bi-directional) and a set of valves which cause the water to spray or discharge. I’ll bet the pump load has a different characteristic for each of these cycles and Sense assigns two devices to one motor. I have 2 devices and heat related to my Whirlpool. I merged them when I figured out they all came on during the dish wash cycle.

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