Mystery Heat device?


Can anyone help me figure out this device? My sense has Identified something it is labeling as “heat 3”. Its a low wattage pull (125-150w) running for about 5 mins at a time, every 30 mins or so usually during a 2-3 hour window. Signature is odd to me and community names wasn’t a help. The “operation” window is usually evenings between 6 & 9 pm. I was thinking it maybe the heatpump on my rheem hybrid water heater, but have not seen enough consistency between the pump running and the device detection to be sure. Does this signature look similar to a hybrid water heater or other devices.


Doesn’t appear as a heat source to me.
The closest resemblance to any of my devices is my DVR and TV on same smart plug


Community names given… didn’t help. The “wave” appearance made me think of some variable speed motor, but no idea. Ruled each out


The only problem with variable speed motors is they are not well detected. I say that with the exception of my inverter motors on both the washing machine and dishwasher.
Community names are sometimes helpful giving a place to look but have rarely been correct in my experience.


If your hot water tank has been detected by Sense then you could compare the mystery “heat 3” graph on a macro level with the water tank graph and perhaps infer whether “heat 3” is related to the Rheem compressor. You can also set Notifications for both devices so you know when to run around the house to see what’s running so you can track it down.