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I have had sense now for almost a month. It has identified Furnace, Furnace Blower (fan), Microwave, Toaster and Samsung TV. It has also found some mystery items lately: Heat 2, Heat 3 and Mystery Motor. I cannot seem to figure out what all of these are. I have been running around the house when they turn on but no success. I have searched posts in the forum. When thinking one might be my refrigerator I even figured out the watts of the compressor but they did not match up.

For example yesterday Heat 3 turn on 118 times at 4:05 AM, 20 times at 9:40pm, 40 times at 11:36pm and 3 more times at 11:39pm. It’s average Watts are 298, and average run time is 5m. I have been really chasing this one as it comes on so much. My wife laughs at as I run around the house trying to figure what is running. It doesn’t seem to be refrigerator, ice maker, motion light, pond heater, electric blanket, water heater or sump pump. Any ideas?

Heat 2 is not on as often. Sometimes it might not come on for a day. It was on this morning 6 times at 7:38am. It averages 963 watts and on average 46s.

Mystery motor is even harder. It has not been on for 4 days. It was last on Sunday for 35 minutes around noon and 1 hour around 2:24 pm. It average 1071 watts and average run time is 14 minutes.

Any ideas would greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I say heat 3 May be an ice make or evaporator heating element.

Here are the specs to my ice make heating element. Sounds like yours. image

Your mystery motor comes on right around the same time I do my laundry… How many loads did you do last Sunday? lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: please don’t answer.

Heat 2 could be a single stove top burner. What time did you fried those eggs? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope these suggestions help. Happy hunting!

Thank you! I figured out the mystery motor was my dryer today!

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and heat 3 is my pond heater

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I’ve got a “Fridge 2” device showing up that I can’t identify. I’ve got a main circuit breaker box and a sub panel. It was easy to eliminate Fridge 2 from the sub panel.

Fridge 2 seems to come on a random times and can be on for an hour or more. The thing is it’s only 50 watts. I’ve attached a screen shot of the Trends and Power Meter plots. As you can see there is a rather large and sharp power spike of 600 or 700 watts or so then it settles down to a flat, even 50 watts.

I would appreciate any help or hints.


P.S. I also have a “Fridge” device that acts pretty much the same except it settles at 94 watts.

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