2nd Ice Maker discovered - only one fridge

This morning I had an “Ice maker” pop in to my detected devices - which is weird because I thought I’d already identified the ice maker (based on nothing else running at the time, and the whirring and clicking sound from the fridge). Are there two identifiable parts to an ice maker or is one misidentified?

the new one shows to run at 115 watts with an average run time of 9 seconds. on 28 times this month.
the one I manually ID’d, runs at 168 watts with an average run time of 2 mins 12 seconds. … on 237 times this month.

any ideas?

I wonder if one is the ice maker and the other (longer running one with higher watts) is the defroster? Have any images to post of the curves?

Here’s my ice maker:

And here’s the defroster:

I have a heat 3 that I thought must be the defroster.

it runs at 310 watts with an average run time of 15 m 47s.
on 16 times this month.

this is the existing device I thought was the icemaker and the heat 3 which I can only associate with the fridge. Maybe one of these is misidentified? The new ice maker doesn’t have a history yet.

Heat 3 ice maker 1

oops. i didn’t blow them up enough. i’ll check back in later and get better jpgs

here are better jpgs. they don’t look like either of yours. Ice maker was a mystery device I narrowed down to the fridge and tagged because the bubble popped when the ice maker whirred. Mystery heat 3 fires when nothing else (that I know of) is on except the fridge. the newly detected ice maker hasn’t fired again since it was discovered so I don’t have that pattern.

mystery heat