Is This a Part of My Refrigerator? Or something else?

I have a device that was detected a while ago, and its identity has completely eluded me…

It doesn’t come on often, but when it does, it burns about 90W for a significant amount of time (not hours…but not a few seconds either). Also, it often doesn’t come on for days at a time…

This morning it came on (I took some screenshots below). There is very little going on in my house at 7am in the morning, so I “sniffed” around the house to see what was on, and it appears that my refrigerator is humming along, even though my refrigerator compressor (which is one of the few things that has been identified by my Sense) does NOT show as being on. And when the compressor is on, it is usually burning around 150@, not 90W…

Is it possible that this 90W device that rarely comes on, and sometimes does not come on for days at a time, is a component of my refrigerator? It’s not the freezer light… It’s not the refrigeration light… It’s not the compressor that runs regularly every hour or so… But yet my refrigerator is making some humming noises right now and I have this 90W device that Sense has labeled as default as “Heat 1”. I am baffled… But the refrigerator is the only thing buzzing at this hour… Any thoughts?

Bubble Screen

Device Screen

Power Meter from “Heat 1” Device Screen

Is your ice maker on? My Sense has detected the Ice Maker, & the Ice Dispenser. The Ice Maker has different wattage uses depending on what it’s doing; I think it uses a heater to “break” the new ice cubes out of the part where it freezes/creates them. Then there’s a motor to pop them out of that area too. Just a thought.

Thanks for your reply @Edison517

Good suggestion/guess… Unfortunately, my refrigerator does not have an ice maker… Plastic trays here! :smiley:

Ha, I just posted a topic about this. If you have a smaller refrigerator with auto defrost you are probably seeing the defrost heaters activating.

Thanks @Rjenk0s - So a device that burns ~90W about once a week sounds like an auto defrost?

It could possibly be that. If you can catch it on unplug it and see if it goes away. Depending on what the refrigerator is you can usually trigger a defrost manually.

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Note that unplugging a device won’t necessarily make the bubble go away (because unplugging may look different than a normal shutoff). The “unplug check” would have to be by looking at the power meter screen (where you see real-time consumption) to see if there’s a drop in consumption matching the usage of this device.

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Thanks @Rjenk0s and @qrnef… I appreciate the guidance and suggestions… Unfortunately, now I wait a week to see if it comes on again when I am paying attention! If I catch it, I’ll let you know what I discover… :slight_smile:

Look up your refrigerator model and “manual defrost”. Some of them you push the light button 4 times, some of them you turn a dial on the timer.

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Cool… I’ll look that up! Thanks…

You can also see about searching your model number and defroster parts to try and find their wattage. Here are some screenshots of my modern fridge’s defroster:

My defroster is on for 20 minutes roughly every 24 hours and see 500w each time.