Been trying to figure out what this device is

I thought that I may have figured this one out but I am thinking now I have it wrong. Sense detected device 1. It’s suggestion was heat pump, light, HVAC… I thought that I heard something start up in the fridge at the time this device came on. But after watching it for some time now I am not so sure. I was thinking that it was related to the ice maker based on the location that I thought that I heard the sound. but I have not heard anything in the fridge since that first time. I was just wondering if maybe someone would have a suggestion?

The device is on and off a lot so far for the month of July (as of July 21) it has been on 789 times. it is always on for about 23 mins and then off for about 15 mins, it avg about 70w. I was thinking that maybe a fan but I just can’t seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe a battery charger that’s maintaining? or a fish tank aerator/pump or heater? Laptop plugged in? sump pump that’s running (when it’s not supposed to?)? Not sure, but I’m sure someone else will have more/better ideas.

That’s way long for an ice maker. Those are usually measured in seconds up to a few minutes.

I agree. Sense detected mine a long time ago. Average run time of 1m 47s. at 120W.

I checked into this and it looks like you had the right idea. I have a APC 600VA UPS in my office for the router and Modem. I am seeing about double checking but this may be what that is.