Help Me Identify This One!


I’m about one week into my Sense experience. Five devices detected so far. The two fridges and garage door openers were easy to verify. I’m having trouble with this one. It runs for 2 to 3 minutes several times an hour. Sense identified it as ‘Heating’. It comes on and off even while we are asleep or with no one here…so it’s not something someone is flipping a switch on. I have a gas HVAC, and can’t tell any difference in sound when Sense says the device is on. I’ve gone all over the house trying to locate…need help!

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Boy are you lucky…it took me most of a year to get five properly identified and accurately monitored devices. Perhaps they are improving both the hardware and the software.


Is it 24x7 with no break? Maybe a defrosting element in a freezer?


Yes…24x7. Several times every hour.

If it’s related to the refrigerator…it is absolutely silent. But I might unplug the refrigerator for an hour and see if that stops it.


Do you have AC? Could be a crankcase heater. I had some similar pattern and that’s what I think mine is.


This is a wild guess that may be very wrong. However do you have an ice maker? There is a heating element in there and perhaps it is behaving poorly. I know that it surprised me to stand by the freezer when we had a new heating item show up and found it to be that.


Ice maker in the fridge.


Ice maker or defrost element for the freezer.

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