Help identifying device


Hey everyone. I’m relatively new to Sense and so far have been completely underwhelmed by the device detection. I do have one device called Heat 4 and I can’t figure out what it is at all. It is extremely sporadic and is only on for 2 seconds at a time and most back to back. This happens MAYBE once every few days, but it is over 800 kW. I assume it is a cycle of another device but cannot find any commonality. Anyone recognize the waves?


Perhaps the defrost cycle of your fridge? Mine showed up as Heat as well, was 500w and was on for 10min or so at a time every few days. I set a notification for when it came on, and while it was on I unplugged the fridge, and it went away - mystery solved. Your device seems to have a much shorter cycle, so who knows.


Not a defroster, it only runs for 2 seconds a few times a week.


Sounds like a small motor starting. After the 800W surge does it settle in at a lower rate of power consumption before turning off?


I’ve got a couple like that. How did it detect this? The history has one event of use. The screenshot shows the entire life of sense