New device detected - Heater 3 comes on for 22mins


My sense just picked up a new device after almost 6months of having it. It came up as heater 3. The next day it indicated it came on at
1:11am to 1:33am = 22mins
10:50am to 11:12am = 22mins
8:23pm to 8:46pm = 22mins
Well the only thing I can think of is my fridge(samsung), maybe the compressor in it

I still suspect this to be my Samsung fridge, I will get the part number to see if anyone has a similar wattage (208-211w)

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Congrats on you first post! Given it looks like a 22 minute cycle, I wouldn’t guess fridge to start. Would you post a couple pics from the app of start up and run time? Helps to see watts, spikes and that sort of thing.


That sounds like the refrigerator defrost cycle

Here is what mine looks like and is pretty typical. Most fridges defrost once or twice a day


Yes, that’s the obvious device and the likely device. The consumption is just 0.1kwh


How many watts does it use when it’s on?
Mine is around 450


Roughly 208-211watts


That’s much lower than mine so now I’m not sure. I don’t know the range of wattage used by defrost heaters.


my defroster uses 70w… small fridge

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I have a Samsung RF25HMEDBSR/AA plugged into an HS110. Here’s what my typical usage looks like.

Compared to my old Electrolux PLHS237ZAB6 plugged into an HS300 (in the garage, icemaker off). Note that the surge spikes for the Electrolux are likely the compressor struggling to operate. I’ve had over freezing issues for years.


Great comparison @afreedman
Looks like the new fridge is much more efficient.
I think it should submit these to the community library

How to Submit a New Device Library Entry


Hugely helpful thanks. I’m been working on getting my Samsung plugged into an HS110 also, made much more difficult by tight cabinet spaces (have to take some cabinet doors and drawer fronts off). This confirms that it’s going to be worth the trouble. Thanks


@andy I actually bought my first two HS110’s because after the sense detected Fridge 1, Fridge 2, Motor 1, Icemaker, etc I couldn’t determine which fridge was which. I had to used an educated guess to merge a couple components to make one device for each fridge. Once I figured all of that out Sense released the smart plug integration a few weeks later. I now have 26 smart plugs…primarily for devices that Sense would have difficulty identifying.


Yikes. That adds a LOT of cost to the Sense solution, even if you found deals for the TPlink devices.

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Yes, it does add cost, the granular detail is great though. I hope the added device profiles help the Sense team along the way.

However, I have started running out of “Other” devices that I can run through a smart plug.

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So I had an opportunity to watch it come on because I had set an alert. It came on with power of 208-211w, then around 18th min it dropped to 165w, then drops to 100w around 20th min, then 65w till it went off around the 23rd min.


Would you mind to post a screenshot of that waveform you observed?
Sounds very interesting and has me curious of what it could be or what type of device it might be. The only device I have that has a tapering drop like that is a charger for lithium and NI-CAD batteries. But it’s much lower wattage.


The marking indicates the stepdown in wattage

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I’m glad you posted this, it is very interesting.
The top of the waveform looks to be quite noisy and the steps definitely looks like it happens by design. But for what?
I have never seen anything like it before.

Judging by all my detected heating elements, this is not similar at all.
Have you found a pattern yet or have suspicions about heat it could be?


Fridge defrost cycle? I had a similar thing and that’s what it was.

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That was my original guess but the wattage is very low and the step down is not something I’ve seen before. Your fridge pretty close to this?