Mystery 3 hour 3 minute Cycle in Samsung Refrigerator

7 day since install.

48 hours later Sense first identified AC. Off to good start.

The 2nd device was identified 4-6 hours later and labeled Heat 1 and 141 watts. This was rather confusing as it’s 90+ degrees outside and certainly no heat.

Looking at what others had labeled this, 24% said it was a coffee maker, others a curling iron etc. I have none of those.

The source turns on every 3 hours and 3 minutes from the time it last turned off. It will turn on for 30 seconds, then on again 3 minutes later. Normally 3 times, but up to 5. Then sleep for 3 hours and 3 minutes.

I then unplugged EVERYTHING in EVERY wall plugs except main appliances. It still repeated.

Finally after 3 days I unplugged my $3300 Samsung 2014 Refrigerator/Freezer. Much to my surprise, this stopped it. When I plugged in again, it started with the mystery 141 watt surge. It has no led screen display or WiFi (as far as I know).

Obviously my refrigerator runs more than 3 30 second cycles ever 3 hours and 3 minutes. Right now estimated costs are $2 a year, lol.

Yet Sense has not identified the Refrigerator/Compressor in this unit.

I traded emails with support explaining this which was a futile experience. Their last email congratulated me that my Sense had found my refrigerator. Obviously I have the only Fridge in the world that operates on $2 a year.

I’m stumped. What would be causing this cycle and the 2nd item detected on Sense?

Regular heat in a fridge could be the defroster or the ice maker. Modern electronically controlled fridge compressors are harder to detect.


Ice Maker turned off.

So when does it detect the actual refrigerator itself?

Depends on the fridge. If you have a single speed, thermostatically controlled fridge, detection should come. If it is an electronically controlled inverter fridge with a DC motor, detection is unlikely, unless you have it on a smart plug (or DCM)


The cycle sounds like the heating element to me… If the fridge has power save mode disable it and you should see the power stay at 140ish. If you can’t disable it then it’s quite normal for the heating element to come on 4-8 times a day.

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The unit has a “digital inverter compressor” according to the specs Does that mean it will never be detected?

Energy Star estimates the yearly use at 709 kWh

It means that it’s extremely difficult to detect based on how the fridge uses electricity compared to a traditional compressor’s energy signature, which is typically the first thing that Sense detects (because of how regularly it runs.)

I would recommend a smart plug for this, probably a KASA KP-115, which is pretty easy to fit in small spaces behind the fridge.

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Aside from an ice maker, refrigerators can have heat elements to defrost the surface of the freezer compartment. I don’t know typical run times or wattage for these defrost heaters, so not sure if this will help.

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I have stand alone 2008 Frigidaire Freezer which is not an expensive brand by any means. Why wouldn’t Sense detect that if these devices run so regularly?

For most of the devices you’re referencing, 7 days is only the beginning of when Sense is going to start detecting devices. Since every home is different, there are a variety of factors that can play into detection.

I know it’s probably not the most satisfying answer, but I would recommend patience while Sense continues to learn your home over the next several weeks.

@kevin1 was right about the unlikely detection of your fridge compressor (because of the inverter/DC motor), so I would recommend a smart plug for that. If you reach out to me via private message with your mailing address, I can send you a KP-115 smart plug that you can use to instantly detect your fridge via our smart plug integration.

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Thanks but I ordered 16 last night with the HS103P4 package. These show up at top of a search for KP115. Really misleading as they look the same :man_shrugging:t3:

Unfortunately this morning I realized I should have ordered some HS300 anyway as I doubt the KP115 will work on a power strip.

Perhaps I should order some additional clamps to put on that circuit.

Still do not understand why freezer hasn’t been detected if these are so easy to detect.

There’s no reason that the KP-115s wont work on a power strip … they might take up 3 spots but you could always get some 8" extensions and then you’d be good.

I’ve had mine for about 14 days and it’s only discovered my well pump! We’ll celebrate together when you get your next discovered device :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Careful with that HS103P4 kit… doesn’t look like they support energy monitoring, which is what Sense will need to properly integrate. KP115 and HS300 are the only two current Kasa ones that will work with sense.

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Yes. I finally figured that out which is bad because if you search Amazon for KP115, they show up right at the top of the search and look the same.

And of course Amazon will not cancel even though they haven’t shipped.

Thankfully free returns but what a hassle.

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