How to Submit a New Device Library Entry

Positing in this category is allowed only by invite. If you would like to submit, please reach out to myself or @RyanAtSense with a description of what you’d like to post.

All posts in the Device Library should be verified waveforms for devices and ideally include the necessary details to help someone else identify a similar device in their own home. If you have a question about what a device is in your home, please use the Device Detection category instead.

With that in mind, all new entries here require Moderator approval.

If you’d like to submit a new entry, hit the “New Topic” button on the top Community Device Library page. The entry will be populated with a template similar to the one below for you to modify.

Make: Replace “Your make” with the make/manufacturer of your device.
Model: “Your model” with the model name or number of your device.
How identified: Pick the way you and Sense identified the device from the 3 options. Your selection come just to the right of the “:**”

Additional Comments: Add any additional informative comments after the “:**”
Power Specs: Add any power information that the manufacturer makes available for the device (voltage, max current, max power, TDP, battery capacity, etc.) that you think is relevant. Or post a link to just the power information.

Detailed View: Add a screenshot focused in around just one waveform so users can see all the detailed features. If you need multiple screenshots to show all the relevant features in detail, post several screenshots.

Daily View: Add a screenshot showing the waveform or multiple waveform patterns in the context of the entire day so users can see differences between day and nighttime, and other periodic behavior during a day.

Waveform Source. Pick the source of the Sense waveform snapshots, usually the Device Power Meter or the Main Power Meter.

THEN TAG THE POST WITH THE RELEVANT DEVICE TYPE plus smart-plug if the device was found by a smart plug

The complete set of Sense’s own index tags to use are listed below: