Library of waveforms


Does anybody know if there exists a library of users’ device waveforms? I think if sense added somewhere on the site (or maybe I haven’t found it) a place where users/deva could upload screenshots of waveforms of common devices. I think it would help a lot of people in identifying unknown devices. Something with a drop-down of categories so you could select something like “heating elements” and there could be subcategories like “refrigerator defrosters” or something, and then it’d show samples of waveforms. Just an idea, I think it could save a lot of headache. Have a good one!

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This is what you are looking for.

Follow the instructions there and you’ll find what waveforms in the “library” like this.



It’s needs some more developing, but it’s a start!


Awesome! Thanks so much guys, you’re right; this is exactly what I was looking for!


Is there a particular/specific device you are looking for?


BTW: I just tried but couldn’t create a new topic to add some waveforms in the Device Library.


I’ve got a sporadic heating element that I’m having trouble tracking down. Very random times throughout the day and I haven’t been able to associate it with any conventional plug-in items. It has a 69% of being attributed to a coffee maker, but that device has already been identified, and the unknown still draws power when the coffee maker is unplugged.


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You could always post the waveform along with information about when it runs and the amount of electricity it uses for other user to help you identify.
Before the library came along, this was how we all got help and helped one another.