About Community Device Library

Welcome to the Community Device Library.

This section of the Sense Community is for you to upload details and screenshots of devices that Sense has recognized in your home to build a comprehensive library of devices by make/model number with complimentary Sense in-app screenshots of the device power meter while it’s operating.

As we’ve released additional features like Dedicated Circuit Monitoring and our smart plug integrations, we believe there’s a lot of potential to build a substantial library of devices with their electrical waveforms and details.

Before submitting a post:

  1. Look at several existing posts in the Community Device Library to see approved examples of formats for new uploads.
    Example: Frigidaire Refrigerator FFPT10F0KB0

  2. Search for your device make and model number in the Community Device Library to ensure it hasn’t already been posted, as shown in the example below.

While submitting a post

  • Please assign the appropriate tags to make your post navigable via tag filtering
    For each new Community Device Library post, you should add three different tags:
    a. Device Type - the type of device that you’re submitting, based on the available tags.
    b. Wattage Range - select one of the available wattage ranges based on the average wattage range of your device.
    c. Detection type - select one of the three different detection types
    Native detection | Sense detected the device with native device detection via machine learning
    Dedicated Circuit Monitoring | Sense detected device via our Dedicated Circuit Monitoring feature
    Smart plugs | Sense detected a smart plug enabled device via our existing smart plug integrations

Device Wattage Ranges

Devices from 1W - 50W: Topics tagged 1w-50w
Devices from 51W - 100W: Topics tagged 51w-100w
Devices from 101W - 150W: Topics tagged 101w-150w
Devices from 151W - 200W: Topics tagged 151w-200w
Devices from 201W - 250W: Topics tagged 201w-250w
Devices from 251W - 300W: Topics tagged 251w-300w
Devices from 301W - 400W: Topics tagged 301w-400w
Devices from 401W - 500W: Topics tagged 401w-500w
Devices from 501W - 600W: Topics tagged 501w-600w
Devices from 601W - 700W: Topics tagged 601w-700w
Devices from 701W - 800W: Topics tagged 701w-800w
Devices from 801W - 900W: Topics tagged 801w-900w
Devices from 901W - 1000W: Topics tagged 901w-1000w
Devices from 1001W - 1200W: Topics tagged 1001w-1200w
Devices from 1201W - 1500W: Topics tagged 1201w-1500w
Devices from 1501W - 2000W: Topics tagged 1501w-2000w
Devices 2000W or greater: Topics tagged 2000w-or-greater