Searching the Community Device Library


We built the Community Device Library to help you identify those tough-to-track devices. Have some suspicions about what your unknown device might be? Do a Search by tag to look at some similar waveform examples.

The best tags to search by are Sense’s own index of device types:

All topics here are either verified “what is this device?” posts from the Device Detection category, or original content submitted by the Moderation staff or other Community members.

Note that this is not a category meant for discussion. It is meant as an archive. Thus, replies are turned off. For discussion, please utilize the Device Detection category.

If you’d like to submit a device to the Device Library
All posts in the Device Library should be verified solutions to unknown devices and ideally include the necessary details to help someone else identify a similar device in their own home. If you have a question about what a device is in your home, please use the Device Detection category instead.

With that in mind, all new topics here require Moderator approval.

If you’d like to create a new topic, please follow the template given in the post. If your topic is rejected, it likely did not follow the template or provide enough useful detail.

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Library of waveforms
Announcement: New Community Waveform library
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