Access to the Community Device Library

Good afternoon!

Some of the newer members of the Community may be unaware of the Community Device Library, a subcategory in the Community where select individuals in the Community were able to post devices with make and model information (along with other details). A majority of the devices submitted are detected via Smart plugs or Dedicated Circuit Monitoring, but there are devices that have been posted with consistent native detections.

Previously, a majority of Community members were unable to post to the Community Device Library. In an effort to expand the depth and range of devices, we’ve enabled everyone in the Community to post new devices to the Community Device Library.

At first, new submissions to the Community Device Library will require moderator approval to post to ensure formatting is consistent with the template we’ve established. We’d love to see more submissions now that the ability to post has been expanded.

As always, feedback on this is welcome!

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Thanks @chrisspy - I’ve updated this thread to reflect the changes and pinned it.