Dedicated Circuit Devices in the Community Device Library

Since Dedicated Circuit Monitoring released a few weeks ago, a lot of Community users have mentioned the devices they’ve connected. From hot tubs and spas to mini-splits, a lot of those “hard-to-find” devices are now visible for users utilizing Dedicated Circuit Monitoring.

Dedicated Circuit devices are a great ground-truth data source that can help others understand some of their mystery devices around their home. In an effort to keep track of these, we’ve created a new “tag” in the Community Device Library named “dedicated-circuit”.

Submitting a post in the Community Device Library requires special permissions - if you would like to post your Dedicated Circuit device to the Community Device Library, shoot me a PM and I’ll give you the correct permissions to post. If we get a lot of interest here, I may open posting in the Device Library up to everyone.

I’ve posted both of my Dedicated Circuit devices to the library as examples:

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