Dedicated circuit

I have a dedicated CT circuit monitoring my hot tub. I noticed this morning that when the hot tub jet motor turned on that the dedicated circuit turned on in sense but the heat pump device also turned on doubling up the usage in device view. Does the dedicated circuit not provide a feedback so that sense doesn’t erroneously show another device on? I thought that there was a place that you could tell the app that a device is not actually on also.

If you have a reliably detected device(s) that is part of the circuit on dedicated circuit monitoring (DCM) , you can tell the DCM device that the detected devices(s) are part of it under Settings (gear) > Manage > What’s Being Monitored. Check off the detected device(s) on that circuit and that will stop the double counting and double bubbles.

The issue is that the device shows up as my heat pump as well. When my heat pump is running the device shows up as heat pump compressor, but when a hot tub pump kicks on it shows as that same heat pump device.

Hi @phil435 - the steps that @kevin1 outlined should prevent duplication/conflation for a dedicated circuit device. I am a little confused from your description, though, and it would be extremely helpful to see some screenshots of your device list and the “What’s being monitored” screen that @kevin1 mentioned above.