DCM's and additional discoveries

Uhm, I have a 21 SEER, inverter, mini split heat pump. It’s energy efficient nature is such that it does not necessarily have a consistent, predictable, energy signature and therefore I was constantly ‘merging’ more mini split signature ‘devices’ into my hvac bubble.
Frustrated, I sprung the $50 to upgrade to the pair of dedicated circuit monitoring (DCM) probes.

Now, a new trick, Sense has begun to continue to identify nuances associated to the mini split as [device 2] and [heat 1] that I am certain are more mini split signatures. I have a modest Florida home and I am the only occupant.

DOES the Sense realize that the new devices are being ‘discovered’ through the one DCM that I have named “HVAC Total”?

Not until you tell it what you’re monitoring so it can remove those signals. Detections can still happen after a dedicated circuit device has been connected.

To resolve this:

  • Navigate to your Dedicated Circuit Monitored device in Sense
  • Click on the gear in the top right
  • Click on ‘Manage’ tab
  • Under Dedicated Circuit, click “What’s being monitored?”
  • Select any devices that Sense has detected that are part of your Heat Pump

This should fix any issue you’re seeing. If not, let me know @fabricgator