Dedicated (DCM) device found as new device

I have pool pump and hvac setup as dedicated circuits with additional CTs. Pool pump keeps getting found as new device. Two pool pumps show in device list one with CT symbol, one with pump symbol. Hvac does not show this symptom. Help???

@karinann , that’s a case where Sense detected the pool pump in addition to seeing via DCM (direct circuit monitoring) via the extra CT. I would suggest you do two things.

  1. Watch the waveforms for a while to see how much of the full pool pump load (DCM), the Sense native detection is capturing. The native detection might be missing parts of the pool pump cycle and will definitely be missing any Always On power consumed by the pump and connected controller.

  2. If the difference is small over an extended period of time (maybe 2 weeks or a month), then you have the option to redeploy that CT onto some other device. But if the discrepancy is large, or you just don’t want to move the CT, then you can go into the DCM device’s Manage tab an tell it that the pump detection is part of device connected to the DCM.

For option 2 below, do you mean the next time this happens just merge the two pool pump devices?


What is interesting about all of this is that the exact same procedure was used to setup the HVAC and Pool Pump at the same time.

HVAC has not acted like this at all, and that is a quite extreme variation in the current waveforms for the HVAC. Sense always maintains the HVAC as a

Dedicated device. The Pool Pump current waveforms are consistently the same during startup and run ALL the time.


@karinann, you can “merge” the two pool pumps any time you want to (and unmerge them similarly). But it’s not called “Merge” for a DCM device. You “merge” by telling the DCM device “What’s Connected to This ?” in Device > Your DCM Device > Settings (Gear in upper right) > Manage tab

What is a “DCM” device???


That’s the Pool Pump under the Devices list that has the CT icon on it. In my screenshot above, I’m looking at the Settings for the Model 3 DCM device.