Adding auto detected device to an existing dedicated circuit

I have my HVAC system on a dedicated circuit monitor using one of the accessory CT clamps. It has been working fine. Today Sense auto detected what appears to be the startup signature of the AC, which comes on for about a min whenever the AC kicks in. I went into the settings of the HVAC dedicated circuit and checked the newly found “AC” device under what’s being monitored. Sense combined them and the dedicated circuit monitor nor the newly detected “AC” device no longer indicate power draw when the HVAC system is on. I unchecked the auto detected “AC” device under the what’s being monitored section of the Dedicated circuit and both dedicated circuit and “AC” resume working. ???

That’s strange ! I have 4 native, but incomplete Heat detections nestled under my Floor Heating Loop panel DCM, and it is reading just fine. The only issue I could see happening in your case is if the native detection was for the blower fan, which can often be on a separate 120V line (my blower fan is part of my furnace). In that case Sense would zero out the blower data while continuing to only show what’s passing through the DCM CT.

I have yet to figure it out. What happens is the newly combined DC and auto discovered device shows “OFF” in the device list but “ON” in the Bubble display. When you click the Bubble, it shows the previous icon of the HVAC DC circuit and what appears to be the correct data, but you can not access that from the Device list.

For now I’ve just deleted the auto detected AC device since the DC is faithfully monitoring the selected equipment. I assume the auto detected AC will just keep coming back though??

It may come back, but I think you made the right choice here in deleting it. In the future, if the device is detected again I would just check for the accuracy of the detected AC and either add it to “What’s being monitored” or delete it if it’s inaccurate.