Dedicated circuit monitoring issues

I ordered a set of these add-on CT clamps so that I could monitor two of my split type air conditioners but the setup process won’t complete for me. I am in the Philippines now and my setup is different than that of the US. My power is 240V single phase, so I have one positive and one neutral for all my breakers. I had issues when I did the initial setup and install when it came to the signals, so I contacted Sense and they were able to complete the setup on their end and my system has been up and running flawlessly until now. I added the flex sensors and tried to set them up as a dedicated circuit to monitor my bedroom and living room split type air conditioners so I can accurately monitor those two circuits which are my two biggest power consuming devices. I thought maybe there was either an issue with the CT clamps or there was a setup issue that could be pushed by tech support so I submitted a ticket just as I did before. This time I was told I can’t be helped because I am outside the United States and Canada so I decided to test another method to see if there is an issue with the CT clamps or if it is a setup bug. I decided to see if the CT clamps were working by tricking them into thinking they were monitoring solar so I went through the solar setup and sure enough the setup was very fast and detected both circuits accurately. Now my issue is that because I set them up as solar I can’t figure out how to remove them as reading solar. I was also able to figure out in the signals section that the left power readings are for my bedroom and the power reading on the right are for my living room. Why isn’t it this easy to set it up for dedicated monitoring? It clearly works just fine and is reading my circuits accurately.

I submitted a second trouble ticket through the app and added the pictures above and hopefully they can fix my issue. The response I got before sounds like they think I couldnt complete the initial sense setup even though my sense meter is up and running already and I am only having issues adding the dedicated circuit monitoring.

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Sense has gotten back to me and they were trying to fix my issue a few hours ago which is the middle of the night for me so this might take a few days to resolve because of the time difference which is okay. After reading their respose and looking at my app to see what is going on I think I figured out why I was unable to setup dedicated monitoring. Because my power is 220V single phase I am only using one mains clamp so I the second clamp was connected to a plastic standoff and not reading anything so when I woke up this morning the second mains that was not reading anything is now mirroring my living room air conditioner which is set to fan mode and only using between 15-50W. I think the second main needs to be connected and measuring in order for the dedicated circuit to complete its setup process but that is just a theory for now.

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Submitted a trouble ticket to have solar removed so I can setup dedicated monitoring and got another email in the middle of the night saying I cant setup dedicated monitoring because I had solar enabled and they said it would have to be disabled first and then I would have to setup DCM. My ticket asked to have solar disabled so that I could do this so out of frustration I went ahead and factory reset Sense and set it up all over and sure enough my theory about both mains needing to be connected was true and I was able to setup Sense and it even completed the dedicated circuit monitoring without any issues. Once I got it up and running I removed the neutral CT clamp once again and hung in on the plastic standoff inside the panel because again my power is 220V single phase. When I setup DCM I selected 125V because I am monitoring one leg of the circuit even though my system is 220V and it is measuring the power usage correctly.

Found another issue. After I removed the second CT clamp it appears the DCM was disabled after a few minutes so I had to reinstall the second CT clamp and ran it through the DCM setup again and as long as both CT clamps are installed it seems to complete the setup just fine with no issues. I think it dropped the DCM because I factory reset the Sense monitor and erased all data and now its stuck in the signal check phase and unfortunatly that wont complete because my sense is installed in a 220V single phase panel so I need to open a ticket to have the Signal check pushed through before my Sense will start Device detection. This is my third time reseting my Sense meter and the past two times tech support made me wait the 48 hours before they would push my Signal check request through so I explained this in my trouble ticket and asked if they would please push the signal check through now so i dont need to wait the 48 hours again.