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Signal check is great until it doesnt work. I am using Sense in the Philippines and the grid power here is 220V single phase so my meter is installed slightly different than it is in a US panel so once Sense is installed either new or from a factory reset it gets stuck in the Signal check process because the voltage reading are outside what would be expected if it was installed in a US panel. It would be nice to have an option that lets us the end user tell Sense that the signals are good and to move on to Device detection. Currently there is no option like this, so if or when I do a factory reset I end up needing to wait 48 hours before tech support will push my signal check to completion.

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It’s now been over 48 hours since I did the factory reset on my Sense meter and my signal check is still at 0%. I ordered a set of flex add-on CT clamps to use for dedicated circuit monitoring at first I couldnt get DCM to recognize the CT clamps and I wanted to test them by trying to set them up as solar by detecting the two circuits but unfortunantly I didnt know that once you set it up as solar it cannot be undone by me, the end user and support would have to remove the solar setup. Well I reached out to support and after getting a response that told me they didnt understand what I was asking I decided to factory reset my system and start fresh since I only had it up and running less than a month. Before I received the flex add-on CT clamps my system was up and running without issue and support was quick to help me push the Signal check through so that my Sense meter would start the device detection process which it did and was able to find several devices in my house in only three weeks. Once I figured out what the issue was with my Flex add-on CT clamps I figured it would be quicker just to do a factory reset and run Sense through the setup process and add DCM at that time and sure enough it seemed to work BUT now the person at support that handled my ticket is different than the first person who fixed my signal check issue and the new person closed my ticket as solved even though they did nothing and didnt help me. here is the respose that I got. I have my Sense meter installed and it is up and running and the only issue is it being stuck at Signal check which can only be fixed by support. I am frustrated because I know that there is an easy fix for the problem that I am having and this problem has been fixed before by a different support tech.

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Thank you for contacting Sense Support,

We appreciate your interest in Sense! Unfortunately, Sense is only available in the United States & Canada right now. We cannot comment on whether or not Sense could work in other systems outside of these markets.

In the future, we are definitely looking to expand to other countries, so stay tuned!

Please note: We are currently only licensed and certified to sell within these markets, and, therefore, cannot support installations done elsewhere.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

I also want to point out that on the app on my iPhone I am only seeing an always on bubble and a Other bubble BUT I know DCM is working because when I log into the decktop dashboard page I also see two other bubbles labled as Other that are showing the correct usage numbers from the two circuits that I am trying to monitor.