Signal check @ 0%

I understand that the signal check process may take 48h to complete, but after 24h it hasn’t progressed at all. Should I be opening a ticket at this point?

I would give it until tomorrow and then open a ticket.

The signal check system is pretty automated. Its basically checking which leg each clamp is on compared to the voltage monitoring inputs on the sense and also detecting which direction the CT clamps are facing. It can correct some issues on its own. Usually if it detects an issue it can’t solve, it lets Sense support know and they fix it without you having to open a ticket. That said, that is usually identified with an error message letting you know that it has detected a problem and hat it is working on it.
Link here about that process

All that said, some things you can check in the meantime.
I would check to make sure that your clamps are fully closed and that the connections are tight to the Sense itself. Sometimes when people put the cover back on their panel, it can press against the CT clamps causing them to open.

If you find that one clamp is one way, and the other is another way, don’t fix it. The system can correct. If you go changing things, if it has started the process of detecting where things are, it will get confused.

I would also make sure the Sense is able to connect to Sense servers. If you are running any advanced networking filtering services, check to see if anything is blocking the Sense.

You can also try running a network connection test. I’m pretty sure you can access that while it is in Signal Checks.

Another thing to look at. On the same page as the network connection test, look for a section called Signals. If you want to post a screen shot of that here, it may give some clues as to what is going on.


Thanks for the tips. I was pretty sure “Signals” was where I saw that the check was stuck at 0%, and when I went there to confirm it was gone. Device sensing had also gone from Pending to Active. So I was definitely jumping the gun. Wasn’t sure since there was no progress indication and other threads seemed to indicate that I would see something there.

But things are good and it’s found my first device.


Mine is stuck at 0% after almost 72 hours

Send an email to They’ll likely get back to you tomorrow with assistance, but more than likely, it will be working by then.


Hoping so. I sent them a message. Thanks

Any luck on this? I’m having the same issue 4 days after connecting the Sense.

Hey Jacob, Yes! I emailed support and they did something on their end and then it started finding things a day later. a week later I have 5 devices detected. let them know about your signal check being stuck and they’ll do their magic on their end to get you moving. like hitting the side of the tv to get a better signal lol. anyways here is the email good luck!