"Sense is checking your installation and verifying......." 0% Complete


This is my first post, I got my sense setup last night and it connected right away. Just the big unknown bubble right now, But under the Sense Monitor setting, under signal is reads "Sense is checking your installation…etc and show the 0% completed. Now I saw another post about this but it wasn’t quite clear. Does this progress bar take a while to complete or should it be quick. It seems that everything else is online and working but to me the progress bar not going anywhere says problem. Could some one chime in that knows what that is all about. Thanks


I think the first time it took about a week for me, the second was more like a few days. Hang in there!


Hi there, this happens when a Sense is first installed. There are a few checks to make sure that the data is OK, and once this completes, the device detection starts. It looks like you should be all set now, and it indeed does happen that it can take a day or two to pass.


My Sense Monitor “signal check” has not moved from 0% since installation, March 5. A re-start was initiated March 21, for another reason. There has been no progress, since. I really think there should be SOME progress by now.


I’m in this group also.
1 March install, multiple problem reports and factory resets with Solar calibrations and still zero device detections.


An error in the installation is the cause of my slow signal-check process. After correction and re-start, signal-check finished in less than one day and devices began to be identified. The error was that both “mains” CTs were clipped onto the same phase. The distribution panel has a 4-cable distributed input from which I selected two wires on the same phase to connect the CT clamps. A little bit more thought was required!


Thanks for sharing, Boyd. I’m glad you were able to get things working!

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