Sense has identified a problem with my installation


So I had my sense installed roughly yesterday around 7:00 PM. About 17 hours ago. Sometime last night the sense app told me that it has identified a problem with my installation, and will try to automatically fix it, and to check back within a few hours, with the progress bar at 50%. It currently still says this. I haven’t made any changes to my sense setup. I read somewhere that this is completely normal during the first 24 hour while it checks the installation and verifies that data is being collected? Should I be worriedat all, and has anyone else seen this during their installation check?


Sense identified a problem with my installation as well (I removed the electrical panel after the electrician left to verify that everything was installed correctly and it was). Sense stopped at 50%, but by the very next morning it was at 100% and Sense stated that everything now looks good. To this day I still don’t know what the issue was and/or what was automatically fixed.


Yup, the same has happened to me. Just got an update from Sense a little bit ago that says everything looks good and that it is now listening and device detection is in progress. I was getting worried there for a bit that I might of had something screwed up lol.


I think there might be a manual check on the sense side to verify your installation was done correctly, and if not, see if it can be corrected sense-side (ct orientation, etc.)

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