Sense failed to verify installation

I installed Sense with solar today. All was working fine for the first hour. My solar production was spot on with my utility smart meter (about 7000 wats). My consumption was displaying properly as will and I was having fun turning devices on and off and watching how the consumption numbers watts went up and down in relation to the devices. However, about an hour after the installation, I received a message that there was a problem with the installation and Sense was trying to fix it automatically. The progress bar went to 70% and a message said that an issue couldn’t be fixed and Sense Support has been contacted. My question is Sense Support 24/7 or do I have to wait until after the weekend to hear from them?

This sucks because everything seemed to be working for the first hour.

Bummer, you’ll need to wait. Just FYI - you probably set up Sense with all the correct conventions, with consistent CT orientations so you got results that appeared correct. But setup tries to match up both pairs of CTs (mains & Solar) with the two voltages. Because Sense has to handle the case where users might have reversed one, or both CTs on each pair, it’s more complicated than it might seem. I won’t go into it in-depth, but a flipped CT, on the surface, looks like it could match up with the opposite leg voltage because homes have single split phase power.

Bottom line is that Sense is trying establish the polarity and phase/leg of each CT vs the two house voltages (something they call the Channel Map) and is having difficulty. Happens relatively frequently and support can fix/hand set on their end.