Sense identified a problem

Electrician came out and installed sense. Everything went flawlessly.

Few hours later I got a message:

“Hmm Sense identified a problem with your installation. We’ll try to fix it automatically. Check back in a few hours, and in the meantime, hang tight and please don’t make any chances to your sense set-up.”

From doing a search here this appears to be kinda normal. But I wanted to confirm with someone/anyone

Btw the real time monitor is working fine. I see how many watts are being used real time. Obviously it hasn’t detected any devices yet.

I am posting to confirm if this is normal and/or should I do anything or worry? Should I contact support?


Sounds normal.

Don’t touch anything for now.

It could be that one of your white clamps (Current Transducers = CT) was flipped … this will be auto-magically corrected by Sense. You could confirm that by looking in the Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > Signals. If one of the Watt readings is negative then you have a flipped CT clamp. Don’t do anything though, just wait.

BTW: The normal signal check procedure (which includes the issue above) is detailed here:

“Like” that post if it’s helpful to you or please comment here if things are unclear.

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Checking settings/my home/sense/monitor - I don’t see any errors

it seems to be working as in the NOW view shows actual watts (which are going up and down as devices come on and off) - so I assume its working.

The install appeared to go well from what I saw


If you have a known-to-be-contant-ish-wattage device you can do a rough calibration of your system by looking for a wattage jump in the Power Meter when you switch it on/off.

A one kW space heater or kettle is good for that.

If you have an electric hot water tank, that will also have a well-defined and large wattage that is a good baseline. The higher the wattage the easier it is to spot anomalies.

I got another message on the sense app

This one stated all is good. Sense has finished checking signals and everything is ok

Sorry for the false alarm


Don’t change anything. I’m going to say the electrician installed one or both of the clamps backwards. There are directional.
Contact support. If this is the problem they can fix it on the backend.

Sam Thanks
but it has been working fine all along
Plus not sure if you saw my last reply. I got a pop saying everything is fine
I watched the electrician - he did it correctly
thanks for the reply and help

Yes @deputypaulatl, I missed that reply.
So glad it’s working correctly for you.
It’s very easy to install, did mine myself and amped it up a little bit after having Sense a few months. I knew what I wanted the install to look like so spent the time to get it that way.
I see your really just getting started. The one thing I would advise and it’s extremely difficult, is patience. When the detections start rolling in, the excitement goes through the roof. You will get very frustrated at time when you are viewing the timeline and can clearly see a device and know what it is but Sense has not detected it. It’s just a case of having to wait. It might not ever detect devices that appear easily identifiable.
I just reset my Sense a week ago and have 9 or detections so far. The first time around the detections were also pretty fast. If you get detections in the first few days then that’s a good sign that your home isn’t very “noisy”. If your home is noisy then it may limit the number and speed of detections. Keep in mind that everyone’s home is different and the “Your mileage may very” definitely applies here.
There is an unbelievable wealth of information here on the forum and really great and helpful members. There is no such thing as a dumb question.
Good luck