New install - "Sense identified a problem"

I’ve had this message most of today; the install was done yesterday. There was no free breaker to power Sense, so it is connected to the water pump breaker (240 V 15Amp) I’m a bit impatient…should I open the breaker box back up and look? Or how long should I “hang tight”? I do wish there was some more diagnostic information to keep me informed…

"Hmm… Sense identified a problem with your installation. We’ll try to fix it automatically. Check back in a few hours, and in the meantime, hang tight and please don’t make any changes to your Sense set-up.

50% Complete"

Hang tight ! Contact support if it doesn’t get through this stage. Hooking it to the water pump is more a code thing, than functionality-related.

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I would put it on its own breaker for code and especially insurance reasons. I had mine on my water heater breaker until I started to worry about a fire caused by something else but insurance not paying because improper wiring.

My guess on your install is that one or both of the clamps are turned the wrong direction. They have a way to correct this on their end so you won’t have to open the panel, give it a day and if it’s still giving the error, contact support

My initial install was not working right and it turned out that the panel cover was pressing against one of the clamp handles, opening it up a bit… so just something to watch for.

Glad you got it straightened out and I’m sure this will help others at some point.

@Kevin1 I took your advice…it straightened itself out overnight!


Great to hear… Event though you are enthusiastic for results, patience is a virtue when it comes to Sense.

Glad to hear it all worked out. The initial signal check process can take up to 48h.

Hi there,

New to Sense. Just had it installed today (the solar version). I had both sets of clips installed and fired up the app. Everything connected perfectly and things seemed to be working almost immediately.
I can’t create a new thread nor include any links or images as I am new here so I can’t show you folks what I am seeing (which is really counter productive for new users seeking assistance honestly) but I had values initially for each of the sensor inputs (3,772w Solar and 2,479w) in use.

But then after about an hour, I noticed readings are both 0w for both solar and panel power sensors. It says it is now 0% complete the Signal Check. I understand that the initial process is supposed to take 24 - 48 hours, but seeing 0w for both when I was immediately seeing values upon install doesn’t seem right to me.

Advice/thoughts are appreciated.


Let it run its 24-48 hour course. If things don’t complete by then, contact support. Setup is a patience check…

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Roger that. Thanks kevin1

Just to follow up, during the initial Signal Check I also experienced a power outage. That seems to have complicated the process since after it came back online and time elapsed it bit more, the process failed. The good support folks were on top of it and reset the process. The device now has 100% completed the Signal Check and is showing me power usage doing device recognition. All seems good to go.



Solar Production is not displayed on the webapp?

its only on the bubble display / now on the web app… I guess that’s something.

I wouldn’t assume anything is not working until you get past the install process. Did you contact ? Once you are past install and associated firmware update, you’ll likely see different results, plus have the access to the network connection utility instead of shooting in the dark. So checking in with support would be my first order of business.

ps: solar production does show up in a post-install web app power meter.

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support knows, they want to see it connected so it can update.

I’ll just wait out the 50% issues.

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“Sense identified a problem” installation issue:
“One of your current sensors may not be fully closed…Without fixing this setup issue, Sense will not be able to correctly identify devices.”

My electrician has been by twice to correct this problem and I paid close attention each time, it does appear that my clamps are fully closed, we don’t understand what the problem is. So at worst, if I can’t correct this, will my total usage readings still be accurate? I don’t mind if Sense can’t “identify devices” as long as my total usage is accurate.

I believe that even with the potentially open clamp, Sense will still be reporting the instantaneous clamp currents (i.e. =watts/volts) in the Settings > Signals.

Your electrician (or you if you have a clamp meter) should be able to confirm those currents and rule in (or out) an open clamp issue. The other thing you can do is switch the clamps around, i.e. put the red wire clamp on the black wire and visa versa, not flipping the clamp direction. Using the readings in Signals you should then be able to identify what’s going on.

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Definitely what @ixu said! Also, if you are noticing that the sensors absolutely, 100% look closed and report as closed when you are checking them, but later it’s showing as being open again, then this likely means that there’s something pressing against the handles for one of the current sensors when the cover to the electrical panel was replaced. It’s actually one of the most common causes for a current sensor to report as opened. If you are still seeing this problem but are pretty sure those sensors are closed, then I’d recommend reaching out to support and they can take a deeper look for you if you want. I know one thing right off the bat for an open current sensor that would help for them would be pictures of the panel and specifically the current sensors if at all possible. It’s hard to diagnose what might be causing a sensor to be opened without actually seeing the installation.