D'oh! Sense has identified a problem


Finally got my Sense installed this morning, electrician appears to have done a good job. A few hours after the install Sense pops up with an error that starts with “D’oh! Sense has identified a problem” and it states it was automatically corrected. What was the problem? A little more detail would be great!


I’m in the same boat as you, except I also seem to get a new message every few hours saying Sense has identified another problem and has fixed it. Last night my sense was reporting I was using -420 watts after everything had been “fixed”.


@cvweiss, that’s part of the automatic ‘Signal Check’ process that your Sense runs through after installation. It is looking at polarity and current/voltage matching, and automatically correcting to ensure that you don’t have negative values. We are planning on putting together a blog post on this topic with a little more information, soon!

@xian.kittle, I’m sorry you’re having this issue. I saw that you submitted a support ticket about this yesterday. Support should be in touch soon!


@BenAtSense Gotcha, as a new user it would be nice to be told “this is part of the setup process” or something similar. Something that tells us this is part of the setup process and is perfectly ok and not an issue that we need to worry about.


Thanks for the feedback. We’re going to work on adding this information!


Hey Ben,

I went back to my panel to take a look, and low and behold the breaker that Sense was plugged into was off! Not sure if it tripped at some point, or the electrician forget to flip it on, but oddly enough it seemed to be working fine when he left our house. Anyway I powered it back up and so far it seems to be working fine and not tripping.



Great to hear, Christian!

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