Installation problem - unable to fix automatically

Long story short- got Sense last Friday, installed in the panel, registered fine. Started monitoring, then got the “D’oh” and “Sense automatically fixed the issue”. Trouble was, both CTs were now showing negative readings, so I looked at my install and realized I had accidentally (in my excitement) flipped one of the CTs over (label was not facing the feed from the meter). So I flipped it over and buttoned things up. Overnight (2am), Sense detected an installation problem and automatically fixed it (flipping both CT readings, which fixed the one but messed up the other). So now I had both installed properly, but one negative and one positive.

I reached out to support, but since it was Saturday I figured no one was in the office so after I didn’t hear back for a bit I flipped the CT that was reading negative back over (so it’s now facing the wrong way) and at least my readings are back to normal. I want to get that CT oriented properly again, but so far I still haven’t heard back from support. From what I’ve seen and read, there is nothing I can do to either get Sense to re-calibrate the main sensors or to reset my device/account (one or both of these must be done by support).

Anyone have any advice on what I can/should do to get things back on track? Thankfully, my main panel is in the garage, so the little ones are highly unlikely to go near it (the cover is currently off until I can flip the CT again and button it up). Thank goodness I’m a licensed electrician and don’t have to wait for/pay for an electrician to come back out!

I would leave it as is (with the CTs incorrectly placed, but the readings correct) and try like heck to get the attention of tech support. If you let them know your issue and what you’d like to do, there’s a fair chance they may be able to stick with you over email and get you reset. I do lean towards you needing a reset if you want to have both of those CTs facing the right way. Not much you can do there without their help, as you mentioned.


Just wish I could do more than give you advice!

I completely understand- I figured maybe someone on here knew of a trick to get Sense to recalibrate or perhaps knew of a better way to contact support (I used the in-app support link/form and have been responding via email to the same request number).

I think you are probably fine the way you are right now. The CT should read the same in either direction just negative versus positive which appears to be corrected in the software. If it is working at this point I don’t see why it would not continue to work. You might want to ask them about that, but my gut feel says leave it the way it is.

Thanks Howard! I guess it’s just the part of me that wants to make sure it’s setup properly before getting too far in. I’m also worried that because the wording of the message alludes to the fact that it can no longer automatically fix the issue, it will not be able to detect and correct any future issues.

Just wanted to report back that I got the CT flipped and support got things reset- now my Sense shows “All good! Sense has finished checking signals and everything now looks OK. Sense is listening and device detection is in progress.”

That’s the first time it’s done that since I got it! Yay!

Now I just have to patiently wait for it to detect devices…