Sense detected a problem with my installation?


Had an electrician friend install my Sense for me this afternoon. Initially turned on around 3:30 this afternoon, and everything seemed to be working fine. I just checked the app a few minutes ago, and saw a message that a problem has been detected with my installation. It said it was trying to fix the issue, and it is currently showing 50% complete in doing so. I did a bit of Googling, and saw somewhere that this message doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. Is that true? If so, it’s very misleading. I’d love an explanation as to exactly what the message means, and how I could of installed differently to avoid it.


It looks like it solved itself, but I still really wish I could get more info on what the issue was to begin with.


MachoDrone welcomes you to the Sense Community. The message you read is very rare based on thousands of posts I’ve read and I have no idea… Imma just another user.
@RyanAtSense is the man here to help direct you, but keep in mind you may not hear back until after the weekend. :).
Also, you can add an @ symbol before his name to notify him you have a direct question for the staff.


This sounds like a result of the signal check process. I’m guessing it detected an issue with the way the CT sensors were installed (possibly one of them backwards) and was able to correct that. I’m not sure where you saw that it may not mean something is wrong. It definitely means something is wrong, in my experience, but it can often be fixed without the intervention of our Support staff.


Well now I’m very curious what the issue was. I am 100% positive the CT clamps were installed correctly. It doesn’t make me feel any better to hear that there was an issue, regardless of whether the Sense was able to fix it. How do I know this “issue” won’t come back later?


Maybe this is some verbiage Sense throws up at this stage. I think I had a similar situation. Maybe it is nothing and if sense is going to throw up any message it should be something like, ‘Sense is Configuring your appliance.’ Or something less concern provoking… :blush:


If you write into, they can tell you exactly what happened. I’m only able to see that signal check detected a problem and fixed it. Support will have the proper permissions to dig deeper.


Will do. Thanks!