New install - "Sense identified a problem"

To: @fairlygreatcontent Add some masking tape across the CT clamps ends to make certain that they remain closed when you are replacing the cover panel. Also make certain the clamps are centered on the service wire. I used two different colors of tape in case the monitor was ever removed, then I would know which clamp attached to which wire.

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I had this issue, it was really hard to discover, as you say. I didn’t put the cover back on initially so I did much of my setup w/ the door closed but the cover off, when all was working THEN I put the cover on and that caused the clamps to open.

I inspected it carefully and the way the clamps lie, even if I reversed them, putting the door on would still cause one to open. So I reset all my data and started again with the clamps in reverse orientation to each other. This way the cover didn’t cause either to open, but it took a WEEK to pass the cable check. Kept flipping positive to negative on each line during that time. But it’s been in place since the first week of September and all appears well now.

I do like the idea of the tape, even if it doesn’t keep them closed, it will be evidence that they opened at some point after they were installed.

I just installed my sense today and the check said everything is good and the power meter works but I got this message. I know the clamps are installed the same but can’t be sure the breaker box cover isn’t pushing on them. My voltage is positive on both legs.

You should also see positive wattages in Settings > Signals.

Regardless, give it 24-48hrs and contact support if things don’t seem right after that.

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Thanks. I am getting positive wattages for both legs. This morning I got the message saying the problem can’t be fixed automatically and I should wait for support to contact me. I am tempted to see if one of the clamps is being contacted by the cover but all my readings look good

Stick a piece of masking tape over the clamp seam, then put the cover back on. If the tape is broken or detached when you take the cover back off, you’re having an issue with the clamps opening.

Thanks, Being impatient instead of waiting 24 to 48 hrs for support I killed the power and opened the panel. The clamps were recessed far enough that I can’t imagine they were being contacted but while in there I positioned them a little better then I reset my data. Then I turned the power back on. I had a bit of trouble getting the monitor to reconnect and I didn’t hear the chime ( I did the first time ) but it connected and is monitoring the total power. I have positive volts (122) on both legs and positive watts so at this point I’ll just wait.

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OK I installed my sense this past Friday 11/29. Readings were showing positive once system was operational. However on Saturday morning when I checked my power meter the readings had all switched to negative and have continued that way since. I have been reading all through the forums and on line looking for answers

As you can see posted a pic of what my monitor is showing. Any help will be appreciated.
I sent in a ticket to help desk but reading the forum they are close on weekends.

To: @chrisd253

I agree with @pswired. Using masking tape on the CT clamps is a good idea.

I think you have solved your problem. By posting pictures (and your solution), you have provided information to someone else who has the same panel.

I am going to repeat a safety warning that you probably already know: Don’t touch or get near the exposed “live” connectors (metal plates/bolts) since this is the incoming power to your house.

If you are opening your breaker panel cover on a regular basis, then you might consider purchasing a set of these rubber safety barriers that slip around the service connections at your Square D main breaker. They are easy to install. They snap on.

UL67 Service Entrance Barriers - Square D Solution

UL67 service entrance barriers (yellow plastic safety barriers) from Schneider-Electric.

The only thing you can do slightly better (since you have the space) is:

  1. Install the CT clamps at a 90-degree angle to the wire.
  2. Place foam inserts inside the clamps to centrally position the CT clamps around the wire.
  3. I taped my CT clamps closed to make certain that they remained closed.

After I made these changes to my setup, I found that the SENSE monitor readings followed the Power Company readings more accurately.

Our local city electrical regulations do not allow two wires to be terminated under the same lug. You have several ground wires that use the same lug for a termination point.

I see that you also have a Square-D 'whole-house surge protector installed in your panel. Kudos to the electrician who wired this panel.

Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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Except for the main feed ( electrician neighbor) I wired the panel so thanks. I am very careful around those main feeds and that’s one reason I installed the panel “upside down” as almost all of my circuits come from above and the main feed would come in the bottom. Thanks for the link I try not to go in there too often but it’s probably a good idea to install them anyway.
I was wondering if the clamps would be more accurate if they were centered around the wire.

Well this morning I woke up to the message I had the other day with the 50% complete but since detected a problem with my installation. Fortunately I just got a message saying everything is good to go now so like others I guess I’ll just have to wonder what the issue was if any. Thanks to all who offered advice.

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I installed the solar and sense yesterday at 1. It appears to be monitoring fine. I went to bed and woke up to it detecting my hue and the message 50% identified a problem …few hours…etc…

I checked clamps they seem to be fine, like I said it is matching pretty well with my solar and meter. I know the breaker and location are on both phases.

For those that have had this how long until it cleared and really what can be the issue?

Hey @tabarnes19. Welcome to the Sense community!

For my installation, Sense took around 48 hours to finalize calibration and self-correct any issues. I recommend giving it until tomorrow afternoon before reaching out to our Support team.

Thank you I will. I have been basically killing myself trying to figure out what could be wrong.

Definitely one of those “waiting” situations. I know it’s not fun, but usually the initial calibration self-resolves. Your monitor will ping our support team with an alert that there was an installation issue in that initial 24-48 hour time frame. Let us know how everything turns out.

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Through the night I got the all is good alert. I think it would be much better if the system just showed 50% calibration instead of stating there is a problem.

If there truly is a problem an alert after calibration would be more user friendly.