Sense running backwards?

An electrician installed my sense just yesterday, but so far the meter is acting really strange. First off, it appears that the clamps on the Mains are downstream of the Solar as my usage trends up and down with my Solar production. Secondly, When I turn my AC on… my usage goes down instead of up. I’ve reached out to support and they told me everything is set up correctly, which… could of fooled me. None of this makes any sense.

Sounds like your Sense is configured incorrectly for the orientation and placement of your CTs. You might want to post a photo of the Usage going up and down with solar as that is a typical indicator of configuration issues. You probably want to contact again and point out the weirdness to them.

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Yeah, that’s the thing, I’ve contacted support and they said everything looked fine. Doesn’t look fine on my end though.

I think your sense is setup for “supply side solar” instead of “load side solar”
Mention something to support along the lines of
“could you check my setup for the correct supply side or load side setup ? I think it currently is set wrong”
Together with your graph should give them a clue.

If that doesn’t help, you need to find a bigger stick. :sweat_smile:


Ok, I think I figured it out. I flipped the clamps over and my usage was running positive again. When the clamps aren’t on anything, it just reads out my solar output, which is good, because it’s adding that back to my net total, to give me my actual usage.

I wrote back to tell them I got it working, and for whatever reason they decided to “help” around 9:27AM this morning and change everything again, so now my solar and my usage look exactly the same.

Best of luck for getting the help “undone”
I am afraid you will need it

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I’m sure they will. They seem to have a major lag in communications though, as it takes several hours between emails. I hope they get phone support at some point. All of this could have been achieved in minutes as opposed to a slow back and forth over 3 days.

Update: I kept flipping the clamps to fix the polarity, and they kept changing the polarity to fix the polarity I had just fixed… and this went back and forth for a bit until we finally got on the same page.