Installation Issue

I do have a support ticket in on this… but Is anyone else having an issue with the Installation issue found please correct and reset your data. For a year and a half I had no issues so I checked last week when i received this error email. Nothing was wrong in the box and I reset the data. Not realizing this deleted a year and a half history of usage but I digress from that. I just received it again a week later after it is already finding things again. Was wondering if this is cropping up with others or not. Thank you

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I just received this email after a year and a half with no problems and happy with my current detection. Sensors checked and seem fine. Really don’t want to reset data. Suggestions and input appreciated.

Signal Check: Open Sensors

One (or both) of the sensors may not be fully closed or may have partially opened when the panel cover was replaced.

To fix this, the sensors’ position needs to be adjusted such that the handle/trigger end of the sensor won’t be disturbed by other wires or the electrical panel cover. Without fixing this setup issue, Sense will not be able to correctly identify devices.

We highly recommend you contact an electrician to help resolve this issue. For questions, please reach out to Customer Support.

After this issue is resolved, you should conduct a full data reset via Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > Reset Data. This will clear all historical data and learned devices from your account. However, this will allow device detection to begin with a clean slate and will allow a more accurate detection process moving forward.

Probably a stupid question but have you checked the physical installation? As they said a clamp may have opened or come loose. Also did the dedicated breaker fail? Just spitballing

Nothing physically wrong with the clamp installation that’s visible. I checked everything pretty closely. Wondering if it could be a faulty clamp itself or hopefully just a mistakenly identified problem. Hoping someone from tech will read this and chime in.

First thing i did…my electric box is perfectly wired with a bunch of room. Nothing touches the cover at all.

What about the dedicated breaker? Also maybe try unplugging the connections AT THE SENSE box and plug them in again securely.
Last thing I’d suggest is maybe try moving your router or access point closer to sense OR reading out what the WiFi signal is ( dBm ).
Spotty connections can cause all sorts of goofy crap.
Last think really hard, has ANYTHING changed recently like about the time you started getting these issues?
After all that I’d say support will be your best bet. Good luck!

Now that you say it the power company installed their new smart meter about a week earlier outside. Sense still reads all the data normally. The weekly usage totals are spot on. I asked support to login and take a look at the actual data. Over the next two years all meters in the First Energy area will be changed to smart meters so its only going to get worse if that caused it.

I believe the smart meters, at least the ones around here, are using cellular technology.
I have free ‘antenna’ TV and it seems like I lost a great channel (PBS) or two around the time FPL changed me out to a ‘smart meter’…

Just to follow up I’ve had no changes with my meter or overall electrical system. My panel too is wired perfectly and has plenty of room. I’m going to just continue following this thread in hopes of getting some insight. Thank you

Hi @quietminded. This is an automated notification based on potential issues detected in the signals from the sensors. I would suggest reaching out to Support and confirming that you’re seeing the circuits closed so they can investigate manually on our end. They’ll be able to advise you on the best practical next steps without resetting your data. There may not always be an issue with the monitor when it gets flagged for open sensors/signal issues.

Thank you. I just summited a support ticket and will wait to see what they have to say.

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