Email "Sense has detected an installation issue - Signal Check: Open Sensors"

On Dec 27th I received the dreaded

Sense has detected an installation issue - Signal Check: Open Sensors

Email… Today (Dec 28th) I opened my electrical panel to check, and everything is closed and the same as it has been since installed in 2019… When Sense added the option to use two additional “solar” sensors as dedicated circuit sensors, I added those - something like 6+ months ago, and those are completely closed as well…

Given that none of the sensors were open, and so there was nothing to fix, I’m reluctant to go through with the suggested full reset from the email

After this issue is resolved, you should conduct a full data reset via Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > Reset Data. This will clear all historical data and learned devices from your account. However, this will allow device detection to begin with a clean slate and will allow a more accurate detection process moving forward.

I’ve opened a support case as well to try and learn more, but it’d be great if the forum included more details on these emails… I’ve found a few similar threads in searching, but all closed with no real resolution.

It’d also be great if sense didn’t just include the copy/paste boilerplate in the message, but actually indicated which sensor was detected, and over what period of time, etc…

Here are images of my mains and two dedicated circuit sensors, as I found them when opening the panel, which has not been touched otherwise in months…

I just noticed the final line of the email says

This email was sent to you because you recently installed Sense.

Unless July 2019 is “recent”, this isn’t applicable at all :confounded:

I haven’t noticed anything off in the app, when the message popped up in my timeline, it was surrounded by the usual device on/off notifications, etc… Not sure what I’d be looking for, though.

I received the email around 3:30pm on Dec 27th (Mon)… here you can see the 27th and today (Tue) looking exactly the same as the previous few days, at least at this granularity:

Anything on the labs section or voltages for L1/L2 ?

I had this notification once and it turned out to be a bad breaker, the power quality section in the labs section was showing. 1000+ dips as well.

You are showing pictures with the cover off.
All clamps look perfectly closed now.
But I can imagine if the solar clamp around the black wire gets pushed towards the neutral bar, the clamp might actually be opened a bit. if the wires are long enough, make some kind of 2 x 90 degrees angle in it and put the clamp 90 degrees turned on the wire, in parallel with the cover.


This is typically what we see when a user that gets this message after having Sense installed for a period of time already. Closing the panel can sometimes open the sensors if it’s a tight fit.

@daubman I just checked in on your ticket and this response from Support explains the email/initial confusion. In your case, it seems the notification was generated during an automatic check and might have been triggered due to fluctuation.

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Great suggestion @ccook, Thank you! When I looked at the high-level labs, everything was green, but when I went into the details for Power Quality, I do see a voltage dip on the mains on the 27th - I think our lights did flicker once that day (rare but occasional - usually blamed on a branch brushing the service lines in the neighborhood)…

Anyway, this seems to explain it, but it seems really bad form for Sense to send such an email due to what actually was a service disruption / extremely brief brownout. Also, you’d think it wouldn’t trigger given it saw the SAME dip on L1 and L2 at the same time…

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Thanks Justin - Can the feedback be provided that automated messages like that are harmful and cause Sense to lose trust, please? I’ve replied to the case to ask for more details (e.g. where (which sensor) / when was the fluctuation detected, etc… ANYTHING that might be useful, which was completely lacking in the automated email). In reply to @ccook you can see that this was most likely triggered by a very brief brownout - which is something Sense should have been able to detect much better - and would have been pretty cool to get a useful alert about (vs. the email telling me to clear years worth of data erroneously).

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