Install New Sense or Factory Reset Existing One?

Thank you guys in advance for your thoughts. I have had the Sense Monitor installed since March of 2022 and I have liked it thus far. I have solar as well and the solar installer installed the sense about a month after my system went up. Things have been going well up until June 2023 when my Sense started including a big chunk of my solar production into my consumption number. Back in June I had the wiring to my EV charger upgraded and suspect that the the clamps were bumped (I have a very full panel). I went through the troubleshooting process with Sense and they think the CTs are slightly open. The Solar company claims they checked everything and that the clamps are fully closed.

Given that I think my panel is just too full and my desire for more room I’m getting a bigger panel installed. I know that a data reset is in order with the new panel but I have a new sense and was wondering if I should reset the existing one or have the electrician install the new sense? I figure that since I’m already having the electrician do work they should finish the job and install a new sense given the fact that I don’t really trust the Solar company and at least the electrician can troubleshoot if there are problems. I am also not convinced that reinstalling the existing sense will fix the issue and don’t want to deal with having an electrician come back out. What do you guys think?

Since you already have two Sense’s, presumably both with Solar Flex Sensors, plus a bigger box, here’s a suggestion.

  • Install the new Sense monitor with Solar, as your new main Sense under a new account/email (if you have one).
  • Setup your old Sense monitor and use the Flex Sensors in Dedicated Circuit Measurement mode, for any 2 wired 240V or 120V circuits that Sense might not be detecting effectively. Proceed explained here:

It should be noted that each Sense monitor is tied to a separate Sense account, with a different email address. An you should read info carefully about what Factory Resets and Data Resets do - not sure if you want to keep your previous history.

Thank you so much for the excellent advice. Very much appreciated and I will do so.