Need Help with Sense Solar and Tesla Solar w/Powerwalls

I’ve finally gotten my Sense Solar to complete its signal check, but the numbers aren’t matching what my Tesla app shows and I was hoping someone can look at my CT placements and tell me if they’re in the right place.

I bought Sense specifically to monitor grid power/voltage. I’ve had several problems in my area with power fluctuations and water damage. My grid voltage is always on the high side and even once made the Tesla Gateway disconnect from the grid for 5 minutes before it re-connected.
I purchased the Sense Solar system just because I saw other users here had gotten it to work with Tesla Solar and Powerwalls. I would have no problem removing the Sense Solar CTs and just using the Grid CTs, but that number isn’t correct at the moment, which is why I’m asking for help.

I have a 11.85kW system with thirty panels, two Powerwall+ 7.6 inverters, and three Powerwall 2.0. My whole house is backed-up. I had electricians place all CTs inside the Tesla Gateway. Sense Support had me place the solar CTs on the lines feeding the three Solar/Powerwall breakers inside the Tesla Gateway. I originally had them on the lines feeding my Solar/Powerwall disconnect Switch, but had to move them since Sense wouldn’t complete the signal check there.

If anyone could help me understand what is going on, I would very much appreciate it.
If you think I should just remove the Sense Solar CTs, then please suggest that since I am really only concerned with Grid power, but I really need to know why Sense Grid CTs aren’t reading correctly first.


1-hour data from Feb 27, 2023 to Mar 6, 2023.csv (19.3 KB)

You can collect data from 2 of the 3 sources that you have. It’s kinda of like having grid, a generator and solar.

I would place one set of CTs on the grid connection and the other set in your inverter AC side. Then use the Tesla app to monitor your walls.

The issue I’m having is Sense appears to be showing power going ‘To Grid’, but it’s actually going to ‘Home’ and vice versa.
I’m attaching photos from this morning where my Powerwalls were supplying power to my house, but you can see that Sense shows it as going to the ‘Grid’. Obviously, the CT’s I put on the wires from my meter to the Tesla Gateway are the wrong ones. Just need to figure out which ones are from the grid meter.
That’s why I needed someone to confirm which wire is actually coming from the grid meter.
All of my wires are in conduit runs and the electricians I had install the CT’s were morons.
They actually cut the CT’s to get them through the conduits.

Thanks for the reply.

The grid looks like it comes in from the left side of your control box. Looks like in the photos the CT’s are on the mains from the grid. The other CT’s (I’m not super familiar with how that’s wired up) looks like it has 3 L1 and 3 L2 goto your power walls? Not sure, because 2 are 50amp and 1 is 30amp… Since you have 2 inverters and 3 x2.0 walls and the inverters are 7600w (32amps) not sure what they goto be cause of that.

Im positive that we have some users in here that have multiple power walls. Hoping one of them will chime in here.

The three breakers on the left are my Solar Inverters and Powerwalls.
The big breaker on the bottom right should be the Grid. You can see the black Tesla CT’s right above it. Those CT’s might be the ‘House’ CT’s, but I can see those two wires going to my meter box.

I’m wondering if maybe the Solar CTs are interfering with Sense. I might remove the Solar CT’s and see if Sense will read properly.

Hopefully someone with a similar setup will help.

Thanks again.

Since I haven’t been able to get any help for my setup and because Sense isn’t reading correctly, I’ve removed the solar CT’s and placed them on two dedicated circuits, a single 120V and single 240V only.
Sense works perfectly in this setup.

It is showing usage on the two dedicated circuits and shows no usage on my mains supply since I’m currently running on my Powerwalls! When I change my Powerwalls to never run unless the grid goes down, I can see grid usage!

It’s a shame I couldn’t get Sense to work with my Tesla Solar and Powerwalls, even after placing the CT’s in the correct spots, but at least now I can monitor grid Voltage like I originally purchased Sense for.