Anyone need the Sense Solar Add-On? I have an extra

I ordered the Sense with Solar from eBay, but don’t have solar at my house. Therefore I have perfectly good solar clamps here for someone else to use. Thought I would start with the community for anyone looking to add solar. Message me directly if you’re interested.

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Do you still have these?

Sorry, sold them a couple weeks after posting. Happy Sensing.

I may have an extra set if you’re still looking.

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There is a non-profit in my town that has solar and an EV charger. They are pretty energy conscience and would love to be part of the Sense experiment. Got to get them a Sense monitor first. How much are you asking?

I’ll send you a private message in a sec.

Funny, 99% people do not see advantage using Sense BEFORE installing solar, only monitor after.

In the meantime Sense is best available tool to easily and accurately size your solar system before it gets installed. This often saves big bucks by avoiding solar oversizing. It becomes critical in off grid systems where expensive battery packs are used.

Monitoring solar after installation by Sense does not make much “sense” because most solar systems show the usage data on the inverter panel or user phone/computer via interface.

But, what do I know, I am just a nerd who became EE for living.

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