Sense Solar Monitor - New Install - Solar Numbers not adding up, Stuck in Signal Check

So, I got the Sense Monitor for Solar installed more than 48hrs ago, and it is still stuck in Signal Check - 50% complete.
My install is more like below with 4 sets of wires coming in for solar.

Now to the problems:

  • The monitoring is still stuck in Signal Check afer 48 hours. Opened a ticket #319704
  • I have negative watts showing on 1 of the Solar CTs. Also, it doesn’t make sense that both CTs don’t have a sum that adds up to my generation. During the peak generation, the solar CT with negative watts almost made it to 278W but that is not real either is what I understand.

Now this either tells me that the Solar CT is incorrectly looped around the wires or something?

I have the electrician coming tomorrow and while I feel confident I can swap CT orientation myself, it is stilla risky business. I was really hoping for the calibration and the system autocorrecting a few things to happen prety quickly but at this point, I am really skeptical if the system is even for me.

Excess energy goes to the grid in my case but if the graph below will not get corrected, I am worried.

I’d love some insight from Sense Solar users who sell back to the grid - is it only patience that I am missing or is there something else I should be doing?

You might want to read a similar story from a previous thread (below). Sense tries to sort out polarity and leg associations during Signal Check and Solar Calibration. But if you don’t make it through or that step fails, you’ll see the kinds of things you are seeing in Settings Signal section and the Power Meter. can fix the configuration from their end. Given you have already opened a ticket with them, I would wait for either Signal Check to complete or do them to fix.


@prasoon.gupta , did you make it through Signal Check, yet ?

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Hey @kevin1
The signal check completed and everything was proper. However, the electrician came back to put the sense on a brand new breaker and once we were done, all numbers started showing negative on CTs(both solar and main). I was able to run the Solar calibration process that turned solar number positive but one of the main CTs shows negative number which skews up how used/exported is calculated and gives the wrong readings.
My guess is this gets solved by itself but please correct me if my understanding is incorrect.

That negative power on one of the Mains tells me that the breaker move broke the the setup. That can happen because different breakers have different ordering of L1 and L2. You still may need to be reach out to support to correct.

Seems to have corrected itself as I made no changes after solar calibration.

Took a while though as you can see below from the timeline

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Also @kevin1 - I noticed that since the power recycle on sense, it now doesn’t show identified devices as on when they are running.

A change in configuration (things to that change Mains power) can render the old detected devices / models obsolete. If those devices don’t come back, delete them. Sense will likely replace them with detected devices that do work.