Help! Support just can't seem to fix / resolve

I’m hopeful someone on the forum can help escalate internally inside Sense.

I’ve been trying to get support to address negative values in my sensors for the past few days.

I’ve repeatedly sent screenshots showing one of my mains legs displaying a negative value, and support will claim it’s “fixed” but a few hours later it reverts back. I’ve also lost the “bubble” showing “Always on” value, and now I’m being re-prompted to submit my solar sell back rate!

I’ve not had any details provided on what the issue appears to be or how I can help address it. Is there something (anything?) I can do to help escalate internally to get this resolved?

@gstewart, you’re the longtime user, but new to solar, right ? I’m a longtime solar user, since 2017, but not as long as you have been on the Sense scene.

It might help to post a screenshot of your Power Meter and Settings > My Home > Monitor > Signals section. Correctly configured Solar should look like this in the Signals when your solar is producing.

It sounds like your Solar setup either misconfigured the CT configuration or you had a spontaneous discombobulation of a working configuration (have seen a few of these recently). should be able to fix remotely (on the Sense mothership end). If you post the screenshots, other users might be able to help confirm.

ps: Always On is going to go away when you have negative usage from solar configuration issues.

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Hi @gstewart, I just escalated your Support ticket so you should be hearing from our team shortly.


Thank you! I’m sure it’s a minor glitch! Still love Sense!

BTW - the Signal section makes it look like just a garden variety misconfiguration - both solars balanced and positive, both mains negative.

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FWIW, my unit also did this when initially installed (and the few times that it has been reset). Support was pretty quick to resolve for me.

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Yes! After back and forth with support, Seamus appears to have resolved once and for all! Everything is positive, and Solar production isn’t being added to the total usage!

Awesome! Thank you @JuliaAtSense @dennypage @kevin1