Sense Usages all out of whack after tech support

Hi All,

First post and I am excited to use Sense but starting to get a little frustrated on the support side.
I had an initial setup error when the unit was tied to the same phase on both legs, Sense had a setup error and told me a tech would get back to me. I waited and then put in a a ticket as well.

Tech got with me identified the issue, and we fixed and got my Sense up and Running, perfectly! I Almost made it a whole 24 hours.

Then a tech got in on my ticket, did not realize that it was fixed, and reset a bunch of settings and rebooted my unit. You can see where I went from normal monitoring of usage, to suddenly a usage of exactly DOUBLE my solar production, minus the (at the time) actual usage of about 690 watts. real actual usage shows as a dent in the overall usages surplus.

I have been emailing repeatedly to get this reset to the way it was only to get:

“Thanks for writing back. So, I will have to wait for more data to come to our server in order to see what’s going on now. I will be looking into your data constantly and reaching out to you with updates.”

I really want to use this for trend data on production and usage, but have already wasted four days now with zero reliable data.

I am considering flipping the CT’s on the solar or utility side, or doing a complete factory reset.

But honestly I wish I could actually speak to a human for some tech support real time and not waiting on an email to have my needs met. That would be OK in a beta, but this is a product I have paid for…

Here is today after Tech Support Changed things…

Yesterday after we fixed and system was working correctly.

Solved! Please delete this if necessary, Gerardo at TS got it all sorted out… he was awesome!

All happy now: :smile:

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Excellent! Your reasons for purchasing were the same as mine. There’ve been some hiccups along the way, but I think everyone with solar is now getting accurate usage and production data. Really cool stuff - just be patient :slight_smile: things are improving across the board, despite the company’s early growing pains.

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Hey Rick,

Really sorry for the frustration and the mixed signals (no pun intended)! Our systems automatically let our support team know when something doesn’t look right with a monitor’s set up and so you may have had multiple people reach out. Our apologies!

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