New - Customer Support Primer with Key Links

I just noticed that @JuliaAtSense has created a new Primer on how to access Sense customer support, plus how to check-in on supports tickets.

Check it out !


Hello SENSE helpers out there. Love the idea of this system…yet… I need help.
System seemed fine and showed total usage , found a few devices etc. before I added solar cables for my net metering solar system then it drifted off over a couple of days into unusable read outs?
Removed solar cables and after two weeks it never regained what it learned the after first week … No meaningful total usage… no device id…??

I sent his note to SENSE support along with screen shots of SENSE readouts.
So far they have no solution. A

Any thoughts out there? Jim

Todays graphics and readings from cell phone and from PC.

At time of photo 1:51 PM my main monitoring system has actual readings below.

  • PV solar was producing 8.6 Kw
  • Grid received 7.9 Kw of that production.
  • House usage was .295 Kw.

SENSE as you can see is not even close to these.

PC graphic shows no usage what ever before solar kicks in and then seems to show usage when solar comes on?

You did the right thing by contacting support. Likely a borked configuration - this seems to be happening every once in a while with Solar users, even after some hav working, good numbers. Not clear from your message whether the initial setup / calibration of solar completed successfully nor whether you were seeing reasonable results when solar was initially set up.

I do not believe the solar read was accurate when it began and in about 3 days it made zero sense…so I removed it.

I only have cables on main input at this time.

My net metering solar feeds into breaker in main panel and then to sub panel section at bottom half of panel that has my essentials should power go down and I switch to solar & battery backup.

FYI My current Power View monitor shows power proportions ad directions between inverter, house and grid for all sub panel only. It does not show total usage or any individual devices (as I hope SENSE will once we figure this out)
Can SENSE be rebooted?

I’m saying this as a user, not as a Sense support expert - Each time you remove of add the second set of CTs (solar or otherwise), it’s best to go through the setup procedure. You can remove and readjust CT orientation and leads, but there is only one combination out of many that is correct (with solar), given your previous setup. My suggestion would be to set up your solar CTs and leverage Sense support if the configuration doesn’t yield the expected results. Once your solar is operating correctly, I suspect you’ll start seeing your previous detections. But there’s also a chance that the solar has slightly changed the parameters of the ons and offs that Sense sees, and that it might have to rediscover the device.

is there any way to actually speak with someone from Sense or get an email back? I’ve been trying for a week.

@dave13 , not much to go on here. Have you contacted ? If so, you should have gotten some kind of immediate acknowledgement response.

BTW, welcome to the Community. What are you trying to solve / ask ?

I have tried three different email addresses at sense. I’m trying to become a Sense partner, I downloaded the pro app call and signed up for an account over a week ago and it just says someone will get back to me. I’m in electrical contractor and I don’t want to order them off of Amazon put a bunch of them in and then find out I won’t have access on the pro account because I didn’t register them correctly.

Thanks for the clarifications. Can understand your concerns about getting your Sense Pro registration set up correctly. This is a place for primarily discussing end-user issues, but I’m betting that @JuliaAtSense can route or escalate your questions for the Sense Pro group.