Signal Detection


Since installing my Sense (with solar) on March 5, the “Signal Detection” progress bar has remained at 0%. On Tuesday, March 21, Support at Sense initiated a re-start – for a different issue – but there has been no progress, since.

I have no comparisons to make in order to estimate if my “signal detection” process is abnormally long, but I suspect that mere signal detection, for purposes of initiating the start of device identification should not be so long as I am experiencing.

I have not seen this subject in this forum, so I suspect I have a faulty device. I look forward to comments and suggestions.


I regret that I should have written “signal check,” instead of “signal detection.” It is the initial check that has an associated progress bar. It remains at 0%.


That seems strange. I had a problem with my solar which required a total reset and they could not get it fixed. The system went into an endless loop on the signal check, at times it would go as high as 75% and claim errors were found that it had fixed and then it would start again at zero. At times it would get to 20% or 60% but never finished and keeps starting over. They are now replacing the entire system, so I suggest you open a ticket as you may be having a similar issue.


Thanks for the comment. I will be opening a ticket, soon.


Update. I asked Sense Support about this – in response to my other issue – their answer came today, stating that I should start seeing the bar move, today. We will see.


My install was 1 March; 3 resets by the “team”, several “fixes” at that end and after the latest reset I still have
0% Signal Check and now only the right hand Line showing positive Mains and negative Solar power. On the Timeline chart I now have 0 Solar and what appears to be a summation of L1 and L2 solar minus Mains consumption on the Mains side.
There service tickets don’t appear to track Sense serial numbers as I have two different SRs Zack and Edwardo working to resolve the same problem on different ticket numbers. Last reply to these two is unanswered for 24+ hours, so count yourself lucky to have heard from them at all.

I am trying to picture in my mind the office where these two gentlemen work and the frantic conditions they have been exposed to; poor lads, hope they have a safe space!


Update – March 24. By 6AM, Signal Check progress had advanced to 15%. As promised, movement had occurred. I’m encouraged . . .


Mine has stayed at 0% for 48 hours now. Should I be concerned? It appears to be connected properly because it’s showing what my solar is producing and a lump amount in the ‘Other’ Bubble for what I’m using. Do I have to wait for the signal check in order for it to start learning the devices in my house?

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