Sense after 1 month install - measurement and bubbles not appearing


Great power meter.
After almost a month yesterday i lost sense showing any usage. Went to the panel checked the sensors and noticed nothing abnormal. Tried to cal solar sensors but they did not cal. Sense sent a message that do a reset and delete all data and start again. Did that and the cal for solar sensors worked. Usage came back and power meter worked.

A) (production-usage) from sense is 200w to 1000w off than utility co. Meter. Underestimated and delta grows with increase in production.
B) Bubble building in progress for last 2 days. I assume after factory reset all data, learning, inference should delete and the solar and usage should readily show up.

Device detection - i read quite a lot of topics, so i will save observations for now.
Lab dashboard is flickering.

Any suggestions for A and B.


Hi @user286 - glad you like Sense so far!

This sounds like an installation issue. Sometimes, when closing your panel, the sensors can be pressed open. Our Support team would be able to confirm/deny this.

Bubble building can take up to 48 hours, but shouldn’t take longer than that.

For both of these, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team via so we can take a look at what we’re seeing on our end.

Hi JustinAtSense,

I did a factory reset and got solar and other bubble back. Yes checked the clamps couple of times and sense support also said no install issues.

Now, signal check has not moved from 0% for 24+ hrs.

Also new symptom, power meter waveform is not saving any history. Every time I click on the power meter the waveform restarts.


Let me know if bubble building / signal check has not concluded and I’ll touch base with Support regarding your ticket.