How Sense could have helped me but didn't

I’ll start by saying that I still love my Sense monitor but over the past few months and particularly today it fell short. Here is where having a Sense could have helped me but didn’t. I had a small solar system added to my house in September of 2019 and my power company came out and installed a new meter. I was told that this is the meter that I will need if I have a solar system and I was excited to have it installed. Well today someone from the power company came out and installed another meter and this time he also put a sticker on the power box stating that its a solar meter. long story short it looks as if the power company didn’t have the correct power meter installed 15 months ago and I’m not sure how much power I was sending back to the grid and not getting compensated for. about a month or two ago I was having issues with my Sense and I’m still having issues to this day which led me to resetting the data on my Sense so now I don’t have any data to compare against my electric bill and I don’t think there is any way for Sense to repopulate my missing data. If i had to do it over I would definitely get a Sense monitor and I’ve show it to several of my friends and even a few of my family members but they also know the troubles I’ve had and no of them can bring themselves to get one even though I’ve shown them how much I’ve saved since getting one. My brother was close to getting one but instead he pulled the trigger and started ordering all the parts to switch over to the Leviton load center. Anyways that’s my Sense saved me but didn’t save me story.

I feel your pain. My power company accounting dept closed my electricity account right after they approved to connect the system to the grid. I was paying nothing. No service fee. I called them up and they said it’s on and might take alittle bit of time. Made no sense to me. Another month passed by and no bill. Just gas. Luckily at the time the SolarEdge inverter app was working. So I was tracking the extra power I was producing. This went on for 5 months. The panels were connected in July of 2019. I was producing alot of power in the summer and didn’t want to lose it. Finally in December, bills were coming in for $20 service fees. One separate bill for each month. Total $100 but banked 2.5 MWH. Come 2020, the inverter communication board doesn’t work with new software update. So I lose 3 months worth of data and that’s when I decided to install Sense. So far it saved me. When the company came to look at the inverter, they forgot to turn the system back on. I was able to see that I wasn’t producing anything with Sense.

Your case is different ,but you might be able to go back to the power company with the estimated system production that was quoted to you. It’s worth a shot.

@mike_gessner You MAY not be so out of luck as one might think… Perhaps the mother ship still has your data on a back up somewhere.
That little orange box in my panel is not really that smart and it is my belief that it is simply a transmitter of data to Base Station Vermont or where ever the main frame is. There is where the data is assimilated, detected and then transmitted back to our monitoring device (app/laptop)

Sense being an IT tech company, I sure hope they run back ups and archive data. Perhaps if you ask nicely, someone will go the extra mile and find you an old remnant…

When one resets their box, does it delete all historical usage data? If you reset your box and go to the web app, I take it there is nothing to download?

Can add some details here. If you complete a data reset, as @mike_gessner did, we do still have data archived for a period of time. Using this archived data, we’d be able to check for basic issues such as line voltage and open CTs, etc.
However, if you wanted to know about historical consumption values or something of that nature, that would be a much more timely ask and would not be sustainable on our end.