Sense Solar report 0W consumption when over producing solar?

I recently had Sense Solar installed by my solar contractor after having solar for ~1yr. Solar production values match what the inverter is reporting. Consumption looks good at night when the solar isn’t producing, i.e. Mains watts is positive numbers. During the day when I’m producing a lot more power than we’re consuming, Sense sees the Solar current as positive and Mains current as negative. The app appears to take negative numbers and just zero them out.

Is this the expected behavior? I was expecting to be able to see the consumption charted as positive watts. I do see the little flags showing +81W or whatever when things are turned on. I can’t see my total consumption though.

You’ll need to get in touch with tech support, they’ll have to check your readings on their end.

You will need to submit a Problem Report to the Sense support team .
They have to make a correction on their end to accommodate the orientation of the current transformers (CT).
May take them a few days.
I had same problem .

So everything appears to be resolved now. After a week of back and forth with support, I believe the root cause was commissioning Sense Solar when the solar was way over-producing. Tech support tried a number of different things on their end but in the end, I reconnected everything and recommissioned Sense in the late afternoon when my consumption was greater than generation.

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I’ve done it both ways and they have never been successful on the first attempt, either over producing or under.
Did a Data Reset 3 weeks ago and support still haven’t been able to get the "Signal Detection " working. Support attempts something from their end then ask you to wait 25-48 hours for the effect, then tries again, usually on Friday afternoon, then tries again on Monday. No joy here, yet. Did a Factory reset today at their request, hopping for better result this week. All started when I did the Data Reset to get past what I perceived as a stall in device detection.
At that time I had 3-4 reliable devices being detected after 6 months. Garage door opener, microwave, Motor 5 and ?. Not convinced their device detection algorithm is all that good!
Oh! When you do a Data Reset you loose all the Device information you previously provided , not so good!
Support never provides technical detail about what they have done, kind of like airlines and how they keep the waiting pasengers updated! They takes your money, and you will wait.

Sorry you’ve had some issues getting set up after the data reset @1agkirk2. We have been working to improve our support response times so that the back and forth that can accompany such problems takes less time.